I am Laurie Johnson.  I believe we are all meant to move, to be challenged and to embrace change so that we can grow and thrive.



Personal trainer, nutritionist, and life coach.  I see talent everywhere .  If you have a goal, and a desire to achieve, and a commitment to change then I can help you achieve your goal.



I am excited to work from 2 locations.​

  • My home studio located at 3040 Grant Rd

  • Douglas Park (weather permitting)



  • Certified Coach Practitioner - Certified Coaches Federation - 2016

  • Certified Nutritionist - International Fitness Association - 2016

  • Certified Personal Trainer - International Fitness Association -2014

  • Precision Nutrition course - 2014

  • Functional Assessment Screening  - Worked with Athletes at the Rebels

  • Cheerleading Gym in Regina Sk in 2016 to screen the athletes for upcoming fall program and placement - 2016