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I am a woman who wants to work with other women who want to change their future.
Are you ready to be all that you can be ?   Are you ready to feel great, accomplish more, be more, and find peace in this busy world.  If you are willing to work hard and commit there's   "NO LIMIT" to what you can do.
Benefits of Life Coaching

  • To help you identify your unique passions, abilities, and talents, and learn to use them to build a new future.

  • To help you identify your fears and weaknesses so that you can change the way you think  and open up new possibilities and your creative flow.

  • To help you increase your confidence and build your courage and strength to move forward and toward rather away from.

  • To help you determine which areas of your life are out of alignment (mental , physical, spiritual, emotional) so that you can remove any road blocks preventing you from reaching your goal.

  • To help you to reassess your goals.

  • To help you develop your ability to trust yourself in finding your life's purpose.

What is Life Coaching

  • Life coaching is a journey guided by your coach which will take you to a secure place of self discovery.

  • It is supportive environment which fosters trust and allows you to raise self awareness so that you can take effective action to make change in any area of your life.

  • A life coach is a facilitator who can guide you in a desired time frame with marked goals and hold you accountable to your desired outcome and action.

  • A life coach can help you access your talents and wisdom about yourself in order to help you achieve your goals.

  • A life coach helps you to unleash your talent by developing a concrete plan in order to accomplish your goal.

  • A life coach helps you break your negative belief patterns.

  • A life coach role is to provide the environment where you are the captain of your ship. 

What kinds of questions should you ask yourself to determine if life coaching is right for you?

  • Are you ready to focus on yourself and be committed to self development?

  • Are  you willing to let go of fears and limiting beliefs and or negative self talk?

  • Are you prepared to work for your goals?

  • Do you think your life is off balance?

  • Would you like to increase self confidence and well being?



Who do I coach?
I want to work with women who are looking for financial debt coaching.  I will help you discover what you might have missed in managing your finances without the anxiety and emotional stress that accompanies financial problems.  As a finance coach I can help you set goals and develop a working budget so that you can navigate through life without credit card debt and pressure to keep up to what you think "others " want.  I can help you establish a plan for retirement, college, or other events.
I want to work with women who have a health and wellness goal and want to upgrade their life through a healthier lifestyle, so that they can feel balanced, confident, energetic and empowered.  Whether you are overweight, suffering from an injury, post op, have faced hormonal issues, or have a ongoing health issue such as IBS or Fibromyalgia or perhaps you want to become a healthier version of yourself.  Let's get started!
I want to work with women who are looking for a career change, because they have always had a feeling there was something more for them, or even if you are in a position where you have been forced from a job and need to start over.  We spend many hours of our life at our job and I would love to help you discover what it is that makes your eyes light up and stirs the passion in your heart !  Or maybe you are finishing your career and thinking of retiring but are not quite sure who you are or what you will do.  Perhaps you are afraid of the unknown.  Let's work together to uncover your personal treasures and passions in the next chapter of your life. 
I want to work with women who are facing the empty nest syndrome.  If this sounds familiar to you then I would love to help you find out what the next adventure will be in your life.  An action adventure or maybe a peaceful bliss that will have you excited about a new possibilities in the future rather than nostalgic about what is in the past.
I want to work with Athletes who are striving to find their competitive edge.  My favorite saying in Athletics is "The will to win is nothing without the will to prepare" and this will apply to all areas of your life in competition .  The greater your balance in the four areas of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual the more likely you are to achieve your goal.
Maybe you still have questions that weren't answered above or maybe you are ready to get started.  Let' s set up a free consultation to see how e can work together to change your life !

Price Packages: 
Accelerated Packages

(4 sessions per month)

$219.00 per month

Basic Package

(2 sessions per month)

$109.00 per month
Individual Sessions

$65.00 per session