Why nutritional counselling?

  • More energy

  • Weight loss

  • Food allergies

  • Enhance Athletic Performance

  • Manage chronic health conditions

  • Improve diet and lifestyle

Private Session


an appointment with Laurie

My philosophy is that eating should be simple and consist of real food.  Eat to live and enjoy each bite.  Never go hungry!


During your initial counselling session I will review and assess your health goals, diet, and eating style and gather all the information necessary to design a satisfying, easy to follow nutrition plan based on your needs, food preferences,  lifestyle, age, and metabolism.  At the end of your nutrition counselling appointment you will walk away with clear objectives and a realistic goal.  I will develop a unique sustainable plan that will help you achieve the results you are looking for.


Food provides nutrition for our bodies and our minds, but it is also part of our culture.  There can be a balance for both without compromising the nourishment our body requires .  When you are ready to change your lifestyle and eating habits for good I will help you change the way you look at food and crave great food choices so that you will have the energy to live your  amazing life.


Nutritional Consultation Package



Includes initial consultation and 2 follow up visits - either in person or via telephone or email, as well as a package with recipes and menu plans.

***If purchased at the same time as a personal training package receive an additional 50% discount.

Additional follow up visits - if required 

$25.00 per half hour