Why personal training and

what are the benefits?


  • Motivational

  • Educational - find the right way to work out to prevent injury and maximize results

  • Individualized program

  • Accountability

  • Stop wasting time and get results

  • Learn a new skill

  • Enhance your mind

Private Session


an appointment with Laurie

What to expect


  • Hard work

  • Great results

  • Individual program

  • Knowledge

  • Feel great /look amazing

  • Honesty

What not to expect


  • That I will fall for excuses

  • That it will always be tough or easy

  • That I will do the work for you (although I might try)

As your personal trainer I am here to help you get results!! 


What are your GOALS?

What is the timeframe you want to achieve them  in?

How important is this to you?

I am a certified personal trainer who has taken  it to the limits and I can show you how to attain your goals. I have been involved in sports and fitness my whole life. However  in 2007 my sister convinced me to run a half marathon. I did and I was hooked on it.  I began competitive long distance running and  have since won my age group in  the Regina Police  Services half .  I won my age group in the Queen City Marathon  in 2009 and 2010 and qualified both years for the Boston Marathon.  I also raced in the Moose Jaw Jawg  winning my age group in the  5k.  And in 2015 I ran the Boston Marathon. 


I  have acquired much knowledge on the  importanace and timing of nutrition for competitive athletics as well as fat loss .  I have struggled with hormonal issues and learned how to balance them and thrive.  I have experienced injury and the process of rehabilitation in order to improve performance . 


I understand as a Mother of 3 with the demands of working and other personal comittments and interests (yes I do have other interests  besides athletics and sports such as music, travel and gardening and much more) that fitness and exercise are sometimes difficult to fit in or that for some people it just is not of interest.  That is why you are on this site because you are interested in one or more of the benefits that hiring  a personal trainer has to offer.




Who have I worked with?


  • Athletes (running , soccer and lacross) - competitive and recreational

  • Weight loss clients

  • Hormonal issues affecting health and general fitness

  • Injury and  rehab

  • General fitness and strength

  • Figure competitors

If you are searching for vitality whether young or old, athletic or not, remember  that just about everything in life can be improved through movement.  It's not the number on our birth certificate that defines us, it is how we feel. 


If you are ready to find out more, contact me for a free consultation and let's get started!!

Price Packages:


Session times are variable based on your goals and lifestyle!

Price Packages available upon request. 


Individual sessions

60 min/ $70.00

45 min/$55.00

Please inquire for additional pricing as this will vary based on YOUR goals, available time commitment, and your budget.  I will work with you based on these factors and come up with a plan that BEST suits YOU!

**Individualized programs that you take away from the gym to do on your own (ie running, strength or overall fitness) are based on the per hour fee of $60.00 .  Please inquire for more details.