I worked with Laurie for 10 months starting in Sept/15. I had never worked with a personal trainer before & had tried to lose weight on my own but was unsuccessful.


I know that I would never have achieved the level of fitness & wellness that I have at my age if not for the personal attention given by Laurie. She understood my goals & tailored the workouts to my individual needs & abilities. Laurie was always motivating & encouraging. The workouts were challenging but she also made them fun & I looked forward to seeing her each week.


Laurie is very knowledgeable in her field & continually provided advice & strategies to keep me on track. She did more than help me work out & lose weight; she helped me to embrace a healthier lifestyle.


Thanks Laurie for making a difference for me & my family too!



When I started working with Laurie I wasn't even sure what my goal was.  I wanted to look better and increase my fitness.  She helped me set realistic goals based on my lifestyle and I was able to lose 10 pounds and the pain in my knee and back that had been plaguing me became a thing of the past. 

Friends starting asking me what I had changed.  They said I looked lean and toned!



I took out sessions thinking I would use them over a course of 6 months to a year and found that in 3 months I was finished using them because Laurie had helped me create momentum and also change my habits to include regular exercise as part of my day to day activities .  With her guidance I also started walking to work each day and started making healthy food choices and over the course of 4 months with her help  I lost 20 pounds .



Struggling with my weight and my diet my whole life lead me to have such a negative perspective on physical fitness and the gym in general. I got to a point where I was so fed up with the limits I was setting for myself do to my weight and appearance I finally did something about it.


With Laurie's guidance through months of determination, hours at the gym, and a change in my diet I have grown to truly love physical fitness, enjoy eating without feeling guilty and enjoy being myself in my own skin. That's something I will never give up again.


My fitness journey has changed more then just my weight but my life, and regardless of what the scale is saying I will continue to do what I can within my busy schedule to not only maintain my progress but further it as well. The knowledge and support Laurie gave me was not only as a trainer but as a friend and the tips, and knowledge she shared will help me everyday. 


Laurie is a fabulous trainer with a wealth of knowledge. Her continual texts and advice have been invaluable to me in my weight loss and running pursuits. Laurie is always there to answer questions or provide encouragement when needed. I would not have been as successful this past year without her!



I met Laurie completely by accident in November of 2014.  My friend was looking for a personal trainer and she asked me if I would be interested in meeting the one she had found.  I tagged along and discovered that Laurie was a runner and I was a ‘wanna be’ runner.  I was completely blown away that she had qualified for the Boston Marathon!  So cool!  Another thing that I really liked about Laurie is that she was a mom, had a job and a home – meaning she had other commitments, other than fitness.  I thought it was important that my trainer and I were on the same page in that respect, as I have a family, job and home also.  I wanted to work with someone that knew that ‘life can get in the way’ and that sometimes it throws you a curve ball and schedules need to be juggled or altered and that that was ok.   I have run 3 -  ½ marathons since meeting Laurie and she has written training plans for all three.  Her programs were easy to follow and stick with. I won’t say that they weren’t challenging, because they were but they weren’t unattainable and I never felt overwhelmed or ready to quit.  In fact, quite the opposite – they kept me motivated!  Post race, she was always interested in how I did and how it went and that really meant a lot! Thanks Laurie! I truly appreciate you sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm.  



"I started working with Laurie 5 weeks ago and have already lost 13 pounds....and many inches , But more importantly with the information that she has given me  with regard to nutrition & exercise,  I have made changes to my eating  which resulted in better quality sleep and more energy. And thanks to my successful change in eating habits I am no longer suffering from hot flashes and therefore I am sleeping soooo much better . I am continuing to work with her and I know I will crush my goal in the next few weeks!!" 



Laurie is an amazing personal trainer that knows how to find your limits and push you to them.
I had always been skeptical at how much a person trainer could help me, but in Feb of 2016 I took the chance & I started withLaurie. After my first trial session I knew it was exactly what I had needed to kick my plateau to the curb. Thanks to her I lost 14 stubborn pounds, taking me to the 60 pounds lost mark on my journey. I cannot thank her enough for all her dedication & hard work to help get me to where I wanted to be!

Natasha Buscholl

I worked with Laurie Johnson for 3 months and in that time I lost 30 pounds by eating right and working out. I liked how Laurie would explain why we did certain workouts and their benefits. The only reservations I had about seeing a personal trainer was being able to do the exercises, physically and seeing results. Laurie was able to help with my reservations by getting me to slowly do the exercises and seeing what my abilities were. I definitely saw results from the great diet she provided me with. 
My goals when starting were to lose weight and gain strength and tone. My achievements have been:
-30 lbs lost
-a lot more energy
-knowing what to eat that will help me to lose weight and maintain a healthy diet
-what workouts to do to strength my core and lose weight


I worked with Laurie for 3 months. I lost 30 pounds and learned so much about how to eat for nutrition.  She also made the workouts fun while kicking my butt!  She had super high energy and kept me working without killing me !